BikeLike your bike? Then you’ll love Drenthe!

Drenthe is the ideal province for a cycling holiday. The many cycling routes across the wonderful Drenthe countryside. Drenthe recently opened a whole new signposted network of routes (FIKS) that have made cycling trips even more enjoyable. Cycling through Drenthe is an experience in itself. We’re not going to tell you what the best cycling route is. You’ll just have to take a cycling holiday in Drenthe yourself, or participate in the Fiets 4Daagse, to find out!


Drenthe – the cycling province!

Drenthe has always had the name of being the cycling province of the Netherlands. And not without good reason. Drenthe has over 1700 km of cycling paths that take you along heather fields and through forests and villages. Many of the paths have recently been connected to each other via the new network. All this combines to make Drenthe the ideal place for a cycling holiday. You will also find many special cycling package deals around the province.

Bike rental

There are bike rental firms all over the province of Drenthe. Whether you need a normal bike, a mountain bike or an e-bike, you will have no problem finding one in Drenthe!

Fiets4Daagse (4-day cycling event), the biggest cycling event in the Netherlands

The Drentse fiets 4daagse is the biggest cycling event in the Netherlands. It takes place in July and attracts over 15,000 cyclists every year. The cyclists start out from a number of different locations, including Norg, Westerbork and Diever. You can stop for a while whenever and wherever you like to enjoy the many activities along the route.

The FIKS network

The FIKS network of routes in Drenthe allows you to determine the route and length of your trip yourself. All of the routes are signposted in both directions, so it doesn’t matter which direction you are coming from – you can just cycle from one signpost to the next and so on. There are more than 500 information panels and 20,000 signposts all around Drenthe! You can use the network maps or the route planner on to decide on your own route. And unique to Drenthe is the fact that the theme routes signposted by the ANWB (Dutch AA) are also included in the network.

Cycling routes

Whether you want to take a long or short cycling route, there are more than enough to choose from. Check out the site for suggestions. You can order these routes online or buy them at the Tourist Information Offices.

Drenthe - e-bike friendly!

Drenthe is a great place for cycling with an e-bike. There are many e-bike recharging points dotted around the province. They are often to be found near restaurants, meaning you can have a bite to eat or a drink while waiting for your bike to recharge. The e-bike recharging points can be found on this website.