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Openluchtmuseum Ellert Brammert

"I'm in a beautiful country" Vincent van Gogh wrote to his brother Theo in 1883. The country where he was referring to was Drenthe. That province still breathes the atmosphere of years and even centuries ago. Here are dolmens, prehistoric monuments, well preserved, and it needs the tourists to take a big step back in time. This step back in time to be put in the open air museum 'Ellert and Brammert "in Schoonoord. This museum, located in the region the Ellertsveld, past Southeast Drenthe. Revives The living and life is represented by different forms of housing in this area. In the first place there is the hut. But Saxon farm, tollhouse, school and even a prison belonging to the collection, among others. In the old village inn is now a snack and a drink available. The exhibition buildings are various collections housed. The Giants Ellert and Brammert held in this area of ​​their raids. They are now as eye-catchers at the entrance of the museum. In the lair of the two robbers, the legend partially three-dimensional portrayed. A playground and petting zoo make it complete. The petting zoo is a 16-piece chicken stay included Drenthe where chickens are housed in different colors, such as those occurring in Drenthe used anywhere on the farmyards.

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Opening hours


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